Campaign #10 – Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen

Hello readers! It's been a little while but we're finally back with an exciting new partnership for winter 2k18. For our tenth campaign, we've teamed up with Sufra, which is an amazing food bank and kitchen in North West London. Sufra describes itself as a life-line for people in crisis, "including families living in extreme poverty and … Continue reading Campaign #10 – Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen

Repeal the 8th

[Disclaimer: I tried to write this as factually and objectively as possible; it proved difficult. The first section is factual; the second is opinion and entirely my own (so skip if you wish!). I am conscious as I write this that I am a woman who has always had access to reproductive rights, and who … Continue reading Repeal the 8th

Bravery: the 21st-century myth?

Fourth-wave feminism's branding emerged out of the cultural troughs that those other, more material, peaks left in their collective wake. Legalistic, labour- and status-based arguments - whilst by no means wholly solved and settled, especially not intersectionally - have been dialectically laid aside, and the culturally gendered (as opposed to the biologically sexual) angle has … Continue reading Bravery: the 21st-century myth?