ebony by Lanaire Aderemi (verse writer)

ebony  ebony  associate the word ebony with the tree ebony  notice how the tree has a smooth finish when polished  imagine a world where black women weren’t punished  so for a few seconds just shut up and listen  i remember when asked ‘ what’s next?’  replied with ‘ masters , phd?  this man replied when ‘ when will you settle down , you career … Continue reading ebony by Lanaire Aderemi (verse writer)

GUEST BLOG: ‘Everyone in’… but for how long?

The Covid-19 pandemic has gripped every inch of the globe, affected every class of people, every race, religion, and gender. No one is exempt, but some are more vulnerable; one group that falls under this category are the homeless population.  Current estimations state that there are 325,000 homeless people in the UK, including 135, 000 … Continue reading GUEST BLOG: ‘Everyone in’… but for how long?

Guest Blog: “I Am Stressed out … It’s Not PMS”

When colleagues start seeing women as incompetent they think their opinions don’t matter. Just months ago, I experienced it myself. The glaring discrimination that exists in one of California’s coffee shops has been prodding me to quit my job as an assistant sales director. I have just finished presenting the quarterly evaluation of my department … Continue reading Guest Blog: “I Am Stressed out … It’s Not PMS”