Our Menarche!


This is Sophie and Sanya from A Bloody Good Cause. You may have seen our work on Facebook ‘A Bloody Good Cause’ or on the BBC.

Since the end of June, we have been campaigning and collecting donations for a cause that is very dear to our hearts.

Every month, many homeless women endure a period without sanitary products. These women are forced into humiliating and often life threatening situations without access to these products. The Government do not currently give an allowance to shelters for sanitary products, although they do for condoms and razors for men. This further perpetuates the myth that our periods are a luxury. As a result of this, shelters rely on donations of sanitary products.

We collected donations of around 300 packs of sanitary products for the Whitechapel Centre. We have now started this blog to continue the discussion surrounding all things menstrual, whether that be in the UK or abroad.

We hope you enjoy our views – feel free to share and comment! We want to smash the menstrual taboo and think the best way to do this is to keep talking.

SFC shot

Collecting donations from our old school

Peace out for now,

Sanya & Sophie


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