Club Twenty Nine x A Bloody Good Cause

It’s only just begun but Campaign 11 is already shaping up to be our most exciting campaign yet! If you’ve read this, you’ll know that we’ve partnered with a local charity called St. Albans and Hertsmere Women’s Refuge and we’re going to be collecting donations of sanitary products for them until the 27th of April.

ABGC is also holding its very first event – A Bloody Good Fun Quiz! If you like the sound of quizzing, a raffle, cakes and red balloons, go ahead and RSVP 🙂

But the excitement isn’t quite over yet! As part of our ABGC journey, Sophie and I have had the chance to meet so many inspirational women. I recently met Kristie, who started her own online clothing brand called Club Twenty Nine in September 2017. Kristie really shares our ethos and passion for female empowerment and we are very excited to announce our collaboration, as part of Campaign 11!

Kristie has created two exclusive t-shirts for this occasion and 20% of the profits will go towards helping us tackle period poverty in the UK.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these beauties, you can find them here and here.

After meeting Kristie, I also took the opportunity to ask her more about her journey into Club Twenty Nine:

What led you to start your business?

After returning to work part time after having my little boy, I found myself with some time on my hands, so I started to create clothing for him, after some encouragement from friends and family I went for it and started to sell my items, I had such a great response in the first few months which is something I never expected! 

In what way does female empowerment form a part of your ethos/business model? 

It’s a huge part of how I run my business and who I am associated with. I really believe in the power of the girl and what we can achieve. We have a long way to go with issues such as the gender pay gap and maternity rights, but we are on the right tracks, I work with some fantastic women in business who are absolutely killing it!

Why did you choose to support ABGC?

When I read about ABGC it really struck a cord with me, as if women don’t have enough to deal with, our menstrual cycle and how we deal with it should really not stop us from achieving what we can achieve. I love that this charity was local to me and run by two incredible strong and independent women! 

What would you tell young women who are thinking of starting their own businesses?

Go for it! It’s the hardest, most exhausting but rewarding thing I have ever done but I have met some incredible women and learned a lot about myself. My one bit of advise would be to meet with local women who work for themselves, I can be really tough working on your own so its a luxury to be able to speak with people in a similar position to you – these women keep me sane!

I’m sure you’ll agree that Kristie’s story is super inspiring and we hope that you will support our collaboration with Club Twenty Nine by buying some t-shirts and spreading the word.

You can follow Club Twenty Nine on Instagram (@clubtwentynine) and on Facebook (

Thanks for reading,

~ Sanya

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