If you would like to donate to our cause, please get in touch through our Facebook page and find out whether we are currently working on a campaign. We generally run 2-3 campaigns a year (lasting from 4 to 8 weeks at a time)  and usually work with a different charity or shelter each time.

If we are in the midst of a campaign, there are a few options –

  1. If you live in or around Hertfordshire/London, we can sometimes come and collect your donations from you directly or organise a mid-way meeting point if you are a little further away;
  2. If you would prefer to post your donations to us, you can get in touch through our Facebook page to get our delivery address;
  3. You can donate money via our Crowdfunding page;
  4. You can donate online through our Amazon wishlist;  or
  5. You can donate through a company we partner with called Freda. Freda believes that access to period care products is a basic human right, with a main focus of their subscription service being supporting and empowering women and girls in need. They’re happy to deliver their eco-friendly pads and organic tampons directly to us, so the women who need them most will get them as quickly as possible. You can feel good knowing that they’ll get high-quality, natural, sustainable femcare products and that a portion of every purchase will also be donated to help women in need.


We find that most of the women we help prefer sanitary towels to tampons, which is why we usually ask for donations of pads in our campaigns.

If you aren’t able to donate with pads, there are still lots of ways in which to help us spread our message. You could share our Facebook page, tweet about us, Instagram about us or even just tell your friends about our work through good old fashioned word of mouth!

We thank you in advance for your generosity and support.


~Sanya & Sophie