Roosh V wants to legalise rape?


In the UK alone, approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men a year are raped. That equates to 11 rapes per hour, and yet most of the time, we don’t hear about it.

The reasons for this are endless, but as a criminal law student back in 2009 I learned that along with the stigma, fear and lack of faith in the justice system, the law is loath to brand a man a rapist.

You may have read about a man called Roosh V, who has been causing quite a stir online this week. Roosh V has concerns about the number of men who are being branded as rapists, especially since his entire business seems to revolve around taking advantage of women who are too drunk to consent to sex.

Who is Roosh V?

Roosh V (AKA Daryush Valizadeh) is a 36 year old American “pick-up artist”, “satirist” and blogger. He has recently been causing controversy as a result of his views on women, rape and feminism. Not only has Roosh V self-published 15 ‘Bang’ books about how to coerce women into sleeping with you, last year he published a blog post where he argues that a good way to prevent rape would be to legalise it on private property. Apparently this genius idea would make women more careful about who they went home with.

Hmmmmmmm. Something doesn’t quite add up. It SOUNDS like Roosh V is suggesting women are to blame for rape? Oh. That’s exactly what he’s saying, and unfortunately that is the message that lots of women get from society everyday.

Other gems from Roosh include:

  • A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”
  • “No means no—until it means yes.”
  • “The irony is that my sister knows I treat American girls like disposable razors while at the same time understanding that I must do so in order to get laid, as if I have no other choice.”

For a guy who lives in his mum’s basement, he doesn’t really seem to have much respect for women.

While he insists that his comments on rape are purely satirical,  he is creating a very dangerous situation. Roosh V is playing off of his ability to cause a viral sensation through outrage. While this may be a convenient way to boost views on his social media pages, his ‘satire’ has been going over a lot of peoples’ heads.

Whatever his opinions (which the majority of people accept are disgusting), Roosh V is publishing and marketing these opinions to millions of young men. Women have gone from human beings to sport: creatures to be hunted, pinned down and raped in order to exercise some despicable and embarrassing notion of masculinity.

On the 6th of February, word broke that Roosh V was encouraging people to hold pro-rape rallies all over the world. While this was not entirely correct, Roosh was actually organising meet-ups for his fans to discuss neomasculinity (a concept which seems to reduce men to nothing more than animals) and anti-feminism. The international network of ‘hacktivists’ Anonymous took it upon themselves to reveal Roosh’s address and he was inundated with death threats, causing the meetings to be cancelled.

While I like to try and convince myself that the uproar is reflective of a general consensus on women’s rights, what is frightening is the fact that Roosh V has 20,000 social media supporters.

What I’m choosing to take away from this internet firestorm is that it will be as fleeting as any viral story before it. I haven’t included a link to Roosh V’s wesbites because I don’t want to send any more traffic his way and I hope despite the things I have written in this article, that you will not go and find his blog.

I realise that even by writing this article I am fanning the flames and giving him exactly what he wants, so I will just end on a quote from Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah:

 “[Roosh V is] an attention seeker so insecure in his own masculinity that he goes to these lengths to augment the size of his… following.”

She means that he is lacking in the trouser department

Here is some advice for you Roosh; do not come to the UK. You are not welcome here, or anywhere for that matter. Cut up your passport, stay in your mum’s basement and lock the door until you learn to stop raping women and encouraging others to do the same. Women do not cause rape to happen, rapists do.

Thanks for reading,

~ Sanya



One thought on “Roosh V wants to legalise rape?

  1. Jennie says:

    Hello Sanya! Great blog! I really look forward to reading more of your writings. I am not surprised that a “man” like Douche Roosh V exists. It seems like the further we come as women with our freedoms in the world, the more angry misogynistic scumbags come out of the woodwork and try to push us back “in our places.” He wants to legalize rape, huh? Lovely. How about we legalize castrating men who are caught or who are convicted of rape?? Sounds good to me! I honestly think that is a fair punishment for guys who can’t keep their dicks in their pants. There is absolutely NO reason for a man to force himself on an unwilling woman, and make her have sex with him. No reason. It happens out of sheer hatred for women, and is about power and control. Nothing more. A bunch of us women should track Rooshy down and castrate him. (Haha!) There. Problem solved. Then he won’t be able to ruin any more women’s lives. Too radical sounding? Tough shit. I’m a radical feminist, and being nice and sweet to these types of men have gotten us nowhere! I so wish more women would open their brainwashed eyes and see men for what they really are; as there lies a Roosh in every single one of them whether he’s lying dormant, or already born…


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